A Healthy Home Cleaning Service LLC - Residential Housekeeping & Commercial Cleaning Services
                          Services Provided
All Rooms In Home
Straighten All Rooms
Dust Furniture/Pictures/Wall Hangings
Dust Blinds (rotational)
Dust Ceiling Fans/Light Fixtures
Dust/Wipe Down Window Sills 
Dust Baseboards (rotational)
Remove Cobwebs
Clean Mirrors/Glass
Clean Prints on Windows (only as needed)
Remove All Garbage/Reline Baskets
Clean 1 Set of Patio Doors Per Home
Vacuum/Mop Floors
In The Bedrooms
All of the Above Plus;
Make Beds/Change Linens (if needed)
In The Bathrooms
Clean/Sanitize Sinks & Polish
Dust/Wipe Down Front of Sinks (as needed) 
Clean/Sanitize Tubs, Showers, Toilets
Clean Mirrors/Glass Surfaces
Dust Light Fixtures
Wash/Mop Floors
In The Kitchen
Wipe Down All Counter Tops
Dust/Wipe Down Cabinet Facings (as needed)
Clean Inside/Outside of Microwave
Wipe Down Outside of All Appliances
Clean/Sanitize/Polish Sinks
Wash/Mop Floor
Laundry Room
Wipe Down Top & Front of Washer & Dryer
Dust/Wipe Down Any Countertops
Wash/Mop Floors
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